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Commercial disputes can be costly and distracting and may threaten cash flow or the future of a business. We help resolve disputes as quickly and cost effectively as possible, and if necessary to make representation in Court proceedings.

We provide pragmatic solutions to resolving disputes to maintain the stability of the business.  Mediation and other forms of dispute resolution can often be more satisfactory and cost-effective solutions to court action, but on occasions solicitors are needed to take prompt and robust legal action.

Commercial Disputes Expertise 

Partnership and shareholder disputes. Even if there is a partnership agreement in place, there is often inadequate provision for dealing with disagreements.  We advise on the best course of action to resolve disputes or find an orderly way of ending a business relationship.

Professional negligence claims. Mistakes by former advisers can significantly impact business and stakeholders.  We deal with claims against professionals, such as architects and surveyors, accountants, solicitors, and insurance brokers.

Insurance claims. We have substantial experience acting for and against insurance companies in connection with claims, whether arising from insured loss to the business or third party claims and disputes over coverage.

Contractual disputes. Many businesses face disputes over contracts, whether in connection with the supply of goods, services and equipment or delayed payment by customers. We can take prompt action to recover money owed, whilst making efforts to preserve business relationships where possible.

In relation to debt recovery, we believe that it is important that you understand what we will do for you, what it will cost, the timescales involved and who will be responsible for that work.  The following links will explain this in more detail:

Warranty claims. We deal with warranty claims following the sale of a business and disputes that arise following company acquisitions.

Landlord and Tenant/Property and Building disputes. We have experience dealing with property disputes on behalf of owners, landlords and tenants, and lenders. This can involve disagreement over interpretation of leases, lease renewals, breach of covenants, claims for disrepair and dilapidations, and arrears of rent and service charges. We also handle building and construction disputes for land owners and developers, supported by external consultants and experts.

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