Business Thinking

We have experience advising and representing employers in employment law procedures and policies, and dealing with difficult situations involving employees. It is imperative to get early advice to protect business objectives, and avoid potential problems.

We provide advice on changes in legislation and regulation so that businesses stay up to date, and assist our clients with employment law matters across all stages of the business life cycle.

Employment Law Expertise 

Drafting contracts of employment. We recommend employers draft and review employment contracts with expert advice. A well-drafted contract can avoid future disputes, and our knowledge in this area is comprehensive.

Preparing HR policies and procedures. It is good practice to ensure that HR policies and procedures, and staff handbooks are up to date and comply with recent law.  We make recommendations that will protect your reputation.

Disciplinary and dismissal procedures. When difficult situations with employees arise, we can assist with disciplinary, ill-health, grievance and capability investigations, and advise on correct dismissal procedures and redundancy processes. If necessary, we represent employers through ACAS conciliation and proceedings before Employment Tribunals and Courts.

Drafting and negotiating Settlement Agreements. Negotiating director’s service agreements is a specific requirement and covers all the required areas of an employment contract for a key board member. It is imperative that this agreement is well drafted and water tight.

Business re-organisation, TUPE, mergers, and acquisitions. Business re-organisation often means a change of employees, whether it is through a merger, acquisition or business reorganisation. We advise on the correct procedures and documentation.

Covenants, competition, and restraint of trade. Covenants preventing former employees from contravening confidentiality are valid and enforceable and are critically important, and advise on how to best protect 'know how' and goodwill.

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