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Defend your IP rights, by Shahla Syed

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I recently learned about a trade organisation that lobbies against copying in design – ACID – Anti Copying in Design –  It is a non-profit membership organisation that is committed to ‘raising awareness and encouraging respect for IP’.

They exclusively represent designers, makers and manufacturers in all industry sectors.  Anyone can register as a member, where they can register their uploaded designs against their name. This can be very useful in providing evidence with regards to dates and authorship of a design – in essence proof to intellectual property rights.

It also provides a very good overview of intellectual property and the difference between registered and unregistered design rights. It may be cliché, but knowledge is power.

Infringement is a massive problem – and it costs a lot to go down the route of litigation when someone else has copied a design.   It is essential to register trademarks and retain all documents that are linked to original designs.  But going one step further and joining ACID is a smart thing to do.

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