Living Wills, by Philippa Pipe

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End of life decisions are often traumatic for family and friends and you can help to ease their burden by setting out clearly in a legal document your specific wishes.  Recently there has been discussion in the High Courts about the importance of making a “Living Will” or Advance Directive in case you were struck down by an incapacitating or terminal illness allowing you to make clear choices about the medical treatment and care you would like to receive in those circumstances.  Read the online article at

Advance Directives 

  • An Advance directive is a written statement of your wishes regarding medical treatment should you face life-threatening illness. It allows medical staff and others around you to know your wishes, should you become incapable of communicating them yourself.
  • It only comes into effect if you are unable to express your wishes yourself.
  • An Advance Directive only relates to medical treatment and cannot be used for any other purpose.
  • An Advance Directive is effective if you give, in advance, refusal of medical treatment when you were capable of making decisions and you intended the directions to apply when a life-threatening situation arises.


We can help you make these choices and can draft a document suitable to your individual needs.

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