Personal Approach

Individuals can face various difficulties in the workplace. Employees are sometimes treated unfairly by employers, often as a result of employers failing to understand or follow the correct procedures.

The UK has extensive employment laws and where a dispute has arisen, we advise on the best way forward for a fair outcome. We offer employment law advice at the initial stage, to representation at an employment tribunal or court if necessary.

Pricing and Services

At Whatley Weston & Fox we believe that it is important that you understand what we will do for you, what it will cost, the timescales involved and who will be responsible for that work. The following links will explain this in more detail:

For Commercial Disputes contact Robin Humphreys, Beata Nowakowska-Mroze or Liz Watt on 01905 731731.

Employment Law Expertise 

Employment contracts. Employment contracts can lack clarity, or be misinterpreted by the employer.  We thoroughly examine the wording of contracts, and advise on your rights and obligations during employment or after it has come to an end.

Redundancy. Redundancy is only justified in specific circumstances and the correct procedures need to be followed. We ensure that all steps taken adhere to the correct rules and regulations.

Unfair, wrongful and constructive dismissal. If you face dismissal, we advise on possible grounds for challenging the dismissal, and what compensation may be available. We can represent you through the ACAS conciliation process and proceedings before the Employment Tribunal or Court

Discrimination. In cases of unfair discrimination, employees are heavily protected by law.  If treated unfairly by an employer – whether it is based on, disability, race, gender, sex, or parental rights, there is protection available.  We guide you through the full process of making a claim.

Disciplinary and grievance procedures.  Although the opportunity for formal legal representation is limited, we can guide and support you through the process.

Settlement Agreements. If you have been offered a settlement agreement we can negotiate on your behalf and do what we can to resolve matters to your advantage without having to go to court.




I always listen carefully to my clients to appreciate the background issues before coming back to them with a way forward.

Liz Watt