Personal Approach

Our specialist solicitor in this department focuses on legal matters that involve elements that are out of national jurisdiction.  This provides clients with an avenue for seeking advice with a range of matters that can be complicated by geographical borders.

European Law Expertise

International family matters.  Divorces and contact with children are matters that often involve cross-border elements, and we provide the breadth of advice needed to understand the process where a party moves outside the UK.


International financial proceedings. Our specialist solicitor manages financial proceedings that extend past our national border.  This can involve the sale or purchase of properties abroad or assistance to those holding assets in a different jurisdiction.

International employment issues.  When discrimination or unfair dismissal happens to people who have come from outside the UK to work, we examine each case in detail and advise on the strength and merits of making a claim as well as options available.

For European Law or a cross-border matter contact Beata Nowakowska-Mrozek on 01905 731 731.


My clients appreciate that I make a real effort to explain things in an uncomplicated manner, and deliver advice that works to their best interests

Beata Nowakowska-Mrozek