Divorce and separation

When a couple cohabits but does not marry, there is no formal procedure for them to go through at the end of the relationship. There may be issues surrounding property or finances (please see section on Cohabitation), but aside from that they may simply walk away.

For married couples, the situation is different. The Divorce process in this country is a relatively administrative process, paper-based with no need to attend at Court unless there is some issue between the parties on a point of costs, some procedural difficulty or the Divorce is defended.

Defended Divorces are rare, although clients frequently say that their spouse has said that "he/she won't give them a Divorce", and the circumstances allowing for defence limited. The vast majority of the time, proceedings continue undefended.

One very important thing to understand is that the "Divorce proceedings" will not automatically resolve issues of marital finance. They will record the breakdown of the marriage and change marital status, from married to "divorced" but it is necessary for negotiations to take place outside of the process to resolve issues of marital finance or for a separate financial application to be made to the Courts (please see financial settlements section).

We offer a fixed fee option for the Divorce proceedings, mainly because our clients want certainty, especially when all else seems up in the air.  Louise is happy to talk through different options.

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