Personal Approach

People enter contracts for a variety of reasons, from the purchase of products to the provision of services.  Sometimes people or businesses fail to provide services promised, or they are not at the level expected.

In a private dispute there will be financial loss and we offer advice on whether there is a strong case for remedy, and what options are available.

Our expertise in Private Disputes 

Professional negligence claims.  Claims against professionals such as accountants, surveyors and architects, financial advisors, and solicitors - and can be intricate.  There is a legal process that must be followed, and a claim made within a certain time frame.  We carry out a detailed scrutiny of whether the duty of care was breached, and advise accordingly.

Contentious probate. This involves contesting the validity of a Will, and can be a complex area.  There are strict rules and regulations on who can challenge a Will, the time limits, and the grounds which can be relied on.

Insurance claims. Having an insurance claim rejected is becoming more common due to fraud.  We deal with settlement issues that might arise from an insurance policy, such as critical illness, fire and flood, and life insurance.

Property disputes. This can range from property ownership, boundary issues, ambiguity with covenants, disagreements with neighbours, disputes between buyers and sellers and construction disputes.

Housing disputes. We act for both landlords and tenants, and deal with matters such as recovery of rent arrears, repossession of property, service charge disputes, easements and rights to light, nuisance claims and failure to make repairs.

Debt collection. We act for both lenders and debt purchasers, and deal with matters such as unsecured lending and trade debt recovery. The regulatory framework in this area is constantly evolving and we ensure up to date advice.

Consumer disputes.There are occasions when businesses fail to provide goods or services promised, or what has been delivered falls below expectations.  We fully evaluate the chances of success in making a claim.

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I always listen carefully to my clients to appreciate the background issues before coming back to them with a way forward.

Liz Watt