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Protecting your brand outside the UK, by Shahla Syed

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If your business is contemplating utilising the brand name outside the UK, it is equally crucial to protect your trademark in countries where you will be trading.

The international trademark registration system allows a single trademark application to be filed. There are currently over 90 countries who are party to the system. The international filing is based on a home trademark application, so the UK trademark needs to be registered first.  Any changes to the trademark are automatically carried across to the international registration for the period it is registered.

If you wish to protect your name in a country that is not party to the system, this requires a direct national application to that country.  This can be more expensive, but worth the while if you are extending the reach of your business and liaising with distributors, developing contacts and promoting your product or service in that market.

It is crucial to protect yourself against others copying or using a variant of your trademark.  This will dilute the brand and cause confusion for your customers – not to mention extra efforts required to clarify your brand proposition in the market.

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