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Registering domain names outside the UK, by Shahla Syed

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If you are planning to expand your business outside the UK, you may wish to have a country specific website. It is wise to register domain names for your business in ALL the countries in which you plan to trade.

This process is relatively inexpensive and easy, and has the effect of securing the possibility of an online presence with your registered name, before someone else does.  It allows you to take the time conducting your research or planning for business expansion, knowing that your domain name is secure.

Registering domain names at the outset is prudent, as it can be costly if a need arises to prevent others from registering your name.  It means buying them off (they will indeed name their price!) or taking proceedings in dispute resolution. Filing a complaint in a court of foreign jurisdiction against the domain name holder involves significant cost, not to mention the impracticality of doing so.

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